Deductibles offering a discount on your premium

Simply put

A deductible is an amount you are comfortable paying for in the event of a claim, in return for a discount on your premium. Our premiums are automatically presented without a deductible, but you can choose to add a deductible ranging between $250 and $10,000 CAN in order to save between 5% and 35%. Deductibles apply on a per event basis (meaning that if you claim more than once on the same policy, your deductible will be asked for each event).

EXCLUSIVE TO TOUR+MED: We are the only insurer to give you the choice between “traditional” and “hospital-care” deductibles. See details below.

Does this option meet your needs?

  • You wish to have a lower premium.
  • You understand that you will need to reimburse the insurer for the amount of the deductible if a claim arises while on your trip.

“We purchased Tour+Med travel insurance to cover us for spending the winter at our home in Florida. We wanted Covid-19 coverage which our regular insurance company would only provide up to $200,000. We felt very comfortable going with the $5 million offered by Tour+Med.”

A.C. et J.C. / Calgary, AB

What else do you need to know?

All travel insurers offer deductibles, but they are usually of the “traditional” type. This means that you will be responsible for the first dollars of your claim, no matter where you are seen after a medical emergency. We offer these deductibles as well, so you can compare apples with apples.


But hospital-care deductibles are unique to Tour+Med! As opposed to traditional deductibles, hospital-care deductibles only apply to claims that require you to be seen in a hospital*.

Advice from our experts: Knowing that 90% of insureds who contact Emergency Assistance can be seen in a clinic (where a hospital-care deductible will not apply), adding a hospital-care deductible to your policy is an efficient way to save on your premium!

* The full amount of the deductible applies as soon as an event involves your hospitalization, visit to the emergency room of a hospital, visit to an internal or external hospital clinic. The deductible also applies to land or air ambulance transportation.

According to your medical history, your application could need an analysis by our medical underwriting team in order to receive a personalized offer. When making a decision, medical underwriting could impose exclusions or deductibles. Since their personalized premium already considers your specific medical record and imposed deductible, this kind of deductible will not provide any additional discount on your premium.

FAQs from travellers just like you

No matter if you opted for a traditional or hospital-care deductible, it should never be paid to the medical center! Our claims department will get in touch with you about your deductible when treating your file.

As per the many indications in your travel insurance confirmation and policy wording, you must call Emergency Assistance prior to any consultation or treatment, no matter if you have a deductible on your policy or not. Emergency Assistance must always be called as soon as possible; we are there to help and steer you towards the appropriate services.

We have agreements with clinics and hospitals in many different countries, in order to facilitate payment of the medical expenses you could incur. But some establishments could, nonetheless, require that you pay a deposit or the full amount of your consultation or hospitalization. This is one of the many reasons why we ask that you call Emergency Assistance prior to heading anywhere; we will steer you towards the most appropriate establishment, depending on your situation.

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