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Emergency medical assistance

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Simply put

Travel medical insurance can sometimes be expensive. When using our deposit option, you don’t have to worry about rates increasing and will lock in your Early Bird discount, if applicable. (The Early Bird discount is usually offered for a limited time only so you will want to get it while it’s available!)

The option allows you to pay only 25% of the premium at the time of purchase, and pay the balance up to 2 weeks before your departure date. Conditions apply.

Does this option meet your needs?

  • You like to plan ahead and purchase your insurance a while before your departure date.
  • Your departure date is in more than 2 weeks.
  • Your premium is greater than $400.
“We simply cannot say enough good things about Tour+Med. They were a pleasure to deal with throughout our experience. We tell our friends and family, “Do not hesitate to buy travel insurance through this company. They are the BEST!” A.C. et J.C. / Calgary, AB – June 2021

Conditions apply

This option is only offered to applicants who pay with a credit card and whose premium is of at least $400. Balance is payable 2 weeks before the departure date. You will be sent a reminder by email before we process your balance on your credit card: a valid email address must be provided.

FAQs from travellers just like you

Can I get a refund if my trip is cancelled or if I come back earlier than planned?

Yes. Your premium can be fully reimbursed if the policy is cancelled prior to your departure date (for a Per Trip plan) or prior to the effective date (for a Multi-Trip Annual plan). If you come back earlier than planned and are covered by a Per Trip plan, you could get a refund for the unused days of your coverage. Conditions apply. See section “Premium Refunds” in the policy for details.

Can I lock in my “Early Bird” discount with the deposit option?

You’re so smart! The deposit option allows you to pay only 25% of the premium at the time of purchase, and pay the balance 2 weeks before the departure date. If you purchase your policy while the Early Bird discount is available, the deposit option allows you to lock in that discount.

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Intrigued by this option?

Contact your broker, ask for a quote or speak with one of our sales representatives.

(Some of the options may not be available on our online quoting tool. Speak with your representative if necessary.)