History, Mission and Values

Our travel insurance experts offer humane and accessible service to representatives and Canadian travellers, offering coverage that is adapted to their needs.


Initially, to satisfy the needs of snowbirds


More than 6 million Canadians traveled to Florida each year and travel medical insurance for Snowbirds was becoming a necessity. Aware of the specific needs of these travellers, Tour+Med travel insurance products were created as a means to help and protect them.


Our strength resided in an administration split between Quebec and Florida, and the company’s role was to insure and provide assistance to retired Quebecers visiting the Sunshine State during the winter months. Our modest debuts are the foundation on which we built our growth. Still today, although our business model has grown geographically and in terms of products, we are still known as an insurance of choice for Snowbirds.

Then, to satisfy the needs of other travellers


Fuelled by steady growth and an increasing demand, we began offering our products to Canadians of all ages, going almost anywhere in the world. This is also when we started selling Multi-Trip Annual Plans.

While we had already built a solid reputation and were known for our competitiveness, we had developed and were being recognized for our personalized underwriting expertise. As a result of this, we could make competitive offers to applicants who would otherwise not be considered by other carriers. Still today, our denial ratio is amongst the lowest in the industry.


With business growth in mind, we formed a new partnership with Humania Assurance Inc, which was then celebrating its 70th anniversary. Humania Assurance develops and sells life, health and travel insurance products for both individuals and groups and, at the time, was the choice of more than 200,000 Canadians. Still today, Humania Assurance ranks among the largest life and health insurance companies in eastern Canada.


In order to meet the needs of our continuously growing clientele, we diversified and started offering Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance, as well as Baggage and Accidental Death protections.


Twenty years after our launch, we could pride on our wide service offering and the fact that the Tour+Med product line was recognized by hundreds of thousands of travelers. Our mission had always been to become a travel & health insurance leader for Canadians traveling abroad, and to provide them with superior quality products at a reasonable price.


Tour+Med officially entered the great family of Humania Assurance, since Humania purchased the company. Until then, Humania had only been the underwriter of Tour+Med products. This strong synergy allowed us to continue our diversification, adapting our protection to group plan members (of the employer-employee type).


More than 25 years later, the Tour+Med product line is still renowned for its competitiveness, its flexibility and its personalized customer service. Through thick and thin, Tour+Med is one of the travel insurance products with the longest longevity on the Canadian market. The personalized and adapted approach taken during the pandemic of COVID-19 demonstrates why we have enjoyed this sustained growth through the years.

Our mission

As a developer, administrator and claims manager specialized in products and services pertaining to travel insurance, we are determined to offer superior quality service and to develop relationships with our clients, risk owners, distribution intermediaries, employees, and suppliers that are based on partnership, education and respect.

Our corporate values


We say what we do, and do what we say. We will be true to our word to our clients and representatives. We will show honesty and sincerity in all that we say and do.


We are committed to developing mutually respectful and successful, long term, strategic relationships with our business partners. We will ensure they have the tools, the support, the training and the recognition they deserve to be the best at what they do.


We will continuously improve our methodologies and systems to make our personnel and documents more accessible to our representatives and to the people we insure. We will make it easy for them to talk to the right people and obtain clear and simple solutions and answers to their needs and questions.


Our words, our actions and our decisions will be fair, reasonable, and respectful. We treat insured clients and partners the way we would like to be treated.

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Assistance médicale d'urgence en voyage

Une équipe bilingue disponible 24 / 7
de partout dans le monde!

E.U. et Canada :

1 844 820-6588

Ailleurs :

001 888 820-6588

Frais virés :

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Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
anywhere around the world!

E.U. and Canada:

1 844 820-6588


001 888 820-6588


001 819 377-2241