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Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
anywhere around the world!

If you are on a trip and need emergency medical assistance, please call Tour+Med Assistance.

It is only during an emergency situation that you can fully appreciate your travel insurance and the efficiency of the insurer’s customer service. Read a few Testimonials from satisfied customers!

Feel free to call our Claims department if you have any questions: 1-877-344-8398.

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FAQs from travellers just like you

Why must I fill out the form about my Government Health Insurance?

Your travel medical insurance reimburses expenses in excess of any coverage your Government Health Insurance provides. To save you time and procedures, we will ask for the refund, but we need your consent.

How long do I have to send back my completed claim form?

You have 90 days following your return to Canada to send us the completed claim form.