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Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
anywhere around the world!

We (and your representative) thank you for choosing us year after year.

Discount ranges from 2% to 5% per applicant, according to the number of consecutive seasons during which you purchased policies through the same representative.

Do you qualify?

  • You purchased a Tour+Med travel insurance policy last year.
  • You will purchase a new Tour+Med travel insurance policy this year, through the same representative.

When is this discount offered?


“We’ve taken our travel medical coverage with Tour+Med for a number of years now. We did have to take advantage of their coverage on one occasion and had a very positive experience with their handling of our claim. (…) Tour+Med is truly a great insurer showing concern and understanding for their customers. Thank you for introducing us to Tour+Med.” D.T. et K.T. / Kingston, ON – April 2020

What else do you need to know?


To be eligible for the Loyalty discount, you must have purchased at least one Tour+Med policy during the previous sales season. (A sales season usually begins in July of one civil year and ends in June of the next civil year.) When buying your new policy through the same representative, it will be your second consecutive season and you will be eligible for a 2% Loyalty discount. Percentage increases by 1% for every consecutive sales season during which you purchased policies, up to a maximum discount of 5% per applicant.

Purchase through the same representative

We respect our representatives and distributors. If you purchased your Tour+Med policy through “ABC Insurance” last year, but choose to encourage “DEF Insurance” this year, you will lose access to your Loyalty discount. To remain eligible and enjoy a greater discount, you must purchase Tour+Med policies during consecutive seasons and through the same representative as the year before.

FAQs from travellers just like you

How can I make sure to get my Loyalty Discount?

By contacting the same representative as last year!

We respect our representatives and the work they do. That’s why we invite you to contact the same person you dealt with last year. To be eligible for the Loyalty Discount and make sure it increases (up to 5%), you must purchase Tour+Med policies during consecutive sales seasons and through the same representative.

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COVID-19 Riders

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Reduced Stability Period

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Optional Exclusion

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25% Deposit Option

You pay 25% of the premium at the time of purchase. Balance is payable up to 2 weeks before your departure.
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Intrigued by this discount?

Contact your broker, ask for a quote or speak with one of our sales representatives.

Existing clients, connect to the client portal before using the online quoting tool in order to receive your Loyalty discount.