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Simply put

For a pre-existing medical condition (in other words, a condition that existed before your departure) to be covered while on your trip, it must have been “Stable and Controlled” for a certain time before your departure. If our Reduced Stability Period option is not a possible choice, you could be tempted by our Optional Exclusion.

If a system or organ is afflicted by an unstable medical condition, this option will exclude the system or organ, in return for a lower premium.

Does this option meet your needs?

  • You are between 60 and 85 years old.
  • One of your pre-existing medical conditions won’t be « Stable and Controlled » on your departure date and the Reduced Stability Period option is not a possibility.
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What else do you need to know?


This option is offered to travellers 60 to 85 years old, who answered a medical questionnaire. Conditions apply. Speak with your representative or read the policy wording for details.

Exclusion of a system or organ

The policy wording states that a condition which does not meet the definition of “Stable and Controlled” will be excluded from your coverage. When using the Optional Exclusion, you will exclude the organ or complete system that’s afflicted by a condition disclosed in your medical questionnaire, in return for a lower premium.

As an example, a person whose asthma does not meet the definition of “Stable and Controlled” would not only have their asthma excluded, but the entire respiratory system. This means that a possible pneumonia or bronchitis while on their trip would also be excluded.

FAQs from travellers just like you

What do you mean by “Stable and Controlled”?

The stability of your medical conditions is probably the most important concept in your travel insurance policy, so understanding it is crucial.

To be “stable and controlled” means that there has not been any change pertaining to a medical condition within the 3 or 6 months before your departure (3 months for insureds of 59 years old and less, 6 months for insureds of 60 years old and over). And by “change”, we mean (among others): no new diagnosis, no new prescription or modification to an existing prescription, no test or evaluation, no recommendation to be seen by a specialist, no new symptoms, no aggravation of the condition, etc.

You must also be aware that even though your doctor said you were “stable”, “brand new”, or “good to go”, it does not necessarily correspond to the definition of “Stable and Controlled” in the policy. In the event of a claim, we will refer to the latter so make sure that you read it carefully, and that you understand it. You may also ask your representative for information.

What kind of discount can I expect if I select the “Optional Exclusion” option?

There is no fixed discount for the option. Premium is calculated upon a combination of various factors, including your age, the system or organ to exclude, and your other medical conditions. The best way to find out what your premium will be is to ask for a quote!

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Intrigued by this option?

Contact your broker, ask for a quote or speak with one of our sales representatives.

(Some of the options may not be available on our online quoting tool. Speak with your representative if necessary.)