We are very proud of our customer service and service provided after a claim. We not only try our best to support our clients and be empathetic during the difficult events arising from a medical emergency, but also treat all claims with fairness. Here are testimonials we received from some of our insured clients.

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We sent our documents for cancellation of our trip and received the refund in less than 10 days. Extraordinary service. I will deal with Tourmed again.


S.J. / Trois-Rivières, QC (January 2024)

I unfortunately had a motor bike accident in Utah in July, 2023.  I was severely injured and spent a week in the hospital. I received EXCELLENT care and was 'medevact' to my home in BC on a private jet with two medical attendants..I can only imagine the cost for all this as all the bills were paid for by Tour+Med. Any bills I did receive I simply forwarded to them for payment. No questions asked!  I UNEQUIVOCALLY  recommend Tour+Med!!  Choosing Tour+Med as my insurer saved my life and my retirement pension!!  With gratitude, R.R.

R.R. / Coquitlam, BC (November 2023)

We received a letter last week informing us that my husband's invoice from the hospital in Florida had been paid. This email is to say THANK YOU for the excellent service. We received professional service from the beginning. Every time we had a call, the first thing that was asked is how we were doing, and it feels good to see that human service still exists. We won't go away for long periods anymore due to (our age and) what happened this year, but rest assured, we will recommend you to our friends and family.

L.B. & M.J. / Laval, QC (September 2023)

I received your letter dated July 4, advising me that TourMed had paid my hospital bill after my incident in Arizona in April. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that was covered! I thank you so much!

To give you a little background of the incident… there were 12 of us exploring the desert beauty in the area South of Florence, when we were all attacked by a huge swarm of Africanized honey bees (more commonly known as ‘killer bees’). We were all stung, but I seemed to be the worst. In my hospital stay, they told me they had removed over 500 stingers from my body, primarily my back, chest, face and scalp. The bees were in my nose, ears, and mouth. I was intubated and airlifted to the trauma centre where I was treated for 5 days. I am still not 100%, but a little better everyday. We have all been wary of scorpions and rattlesnakes in the desert, but not these bees!

I am very lucky to have survived this incident, and I truly believe the quick response from the medical team that treated me played a huge part in my survival. I am so very grateful to all involved in my ongoing recovery from this horrific ordeal.

Read our blog article about this medical emergency.

W.L. / Saskatoon, SK (August 2023)

I take this opportunity to thank you for the decisions you made, suggesting that we go to that hospital (in Florida). Montreal's CHUM Hospital, where my wife received further treatment after her return, said that, if she hadn't received treatment in Florida, she would no longer be here to talk about it.

A.B. & J.-G.C. / La Minerve, QC (July 2023)

I fell while riding my bike and had to receive medical assistance after being admitted to ER in Florida. I want to thank you for the devotion and efficiency while I was hospitalized. As soon as my wife called, everything got taken care of. Your team was constantly in contact with the hospital and authorized all the necessary exams. Somebody even called on the next day to see how I was doing. And my claim? It got taken care of promptly.  Thank you to everyone who worked on my file. You showed great professionalism and kindness. Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommand your company whenever possible.

H.M. / Longueuil, QC (July 2023)

Last March, I had to see a doctor and was finally sent to the hospital for surgery. Let's just say I was in a bad shape! This was in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Everything was guided and handled by Tour+Med travel insurance. I must mention the excellent... the extraordinary service I got from them, from beginning to end. Everything, including my hospitalisation, went smoothly. Tour+Med answered my phone calls immediately, were always providing great advice and were approving my consultations promptly.

Thank you again for this great service.

J.D. / Sherbrooke, QC (July 2023)

It is with sincere gratitude that I write this note of thanks for the excellent care and concern that I have received from Tour+Med Travel Insurance.

During a clinic visit, I was informed that I was free to leave as my insurance company had already sent the required paperwork and everything was in order.

After experiencing a situation where the hospital invoice was substantial, I am pleased to report that everything was taken care of.  The hospital was obviously satisfied with dealing with Tour+Med and we had no issues whatsoever.

On every occasion that I made contact with a representative, I was treated courteously and in a timely manner.  We have relied on Tour+Med for our travel insurance needs for a number of years, and it is comforting to have them on our side.

S.T. / Pugwash, NS (June 2023)

I recently submitted a claim on my Tour+Med travel insurance policy. Treatment was diligent, courteous, and efficient. I would also like to point out the excellent work of the agent who took care of my file.

From a satisfied client

S.B. / Eastman, QC (April 2023)

I just received the cheque that finalizes this adventure. I must say "Thank you" to all members of the Tour+Med team for the exceptional service they provided. We don't feel like we're just a number when dealing with you. You show empathy when your clients feel vulnerable, and you make sure they are well represented. Please forward this to the rest of your team..

H.G. and J.G. / Laval, QC (March 2023)

Your insurance company is the best I have ever dealt with!

J.B.M. / Kelowna, BC (February 2023)

I have never written a testimonial but I do believe this company deserves one. We have been Tourmed customers for many many years. We had a question this year on part of our application so we called Tourmed to see the correct way to answer the question. Our representative was wonderful, efficient, friendly and extremely helpful. She went out of her way to make sure we were covered properly in such a professional manner. Thank you Tourmed for having caring and helpful representatives of your company. I have recommended this company to many of our fellow winter travellers and you can be sure I will continue to do so. Thank you for the excellent service. Keep up the good work. We hear terrible stories about travel insurance but Tourmed has always let me travel with peace of mind that they have my back.

H.D. & R.D. / Brantford, ON (December 2022)

Thank you for your letter. (…) Also, I congratulate your firm on making the decision to cover my claim on an exceptional basis. It speaks well for your decision making process.

R.M. / Mississauga, ON (November 2022)

In August, I called to book out of province health insurance and (employee from customer service) assisted me. She was very professional, knowledgeable and polite. I had to call again today to make an amendment to our policy. Once again, she was very professional and knowledgeable. I would like to thank her for her excellent service.

K.P. / Durham, ON (October 2022)

My husband took ill in March in Florida. There was no avoiding calling 911 to get him to an Emergency Room.

We had always purchased travel insurance but had heard horror stories of insurance companies not coming through when needed. My husband ended up being admitted into a stepdown ICU bed in hospital. We were so anxious thinking about whether his costs would be covered. Our case manager called into the hospital daily and spoke with my husband’s nurse and would give the okay for his stay to continue. His nurse praised the case manager and told us they were a wonderful, caring person.

He was stabilized and we made it home, but he was not a well person. He went through a big operation in July and is now recovering well. In the meantime we realized that a mix up had happened with the Florida hospital billing the wrong insurance company. Tour +Med helped us navigate the system and finally clear up the confusion. Every person that I talked to on the phone from your company was courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and reassuring. Imagine our amazement when we realized all of the expenses that transpired from his hospital stay were covered.

Tour +Med is the real deal.

A.M.B. & G.B. / Ilderton, ON (September 2022)

This morning I needed to cancel the TourMed policy I had purchased because I had been unaware that my wife’s group benefit travel coverage was still in place as part of her retirement benefit. I am writing to say that I was amazed at the incredibly good customer service I received. Please know that because of that employee, I will definitely use TourMed once my wife’s benefits cease to be available.

B.B. / Guelph, ON (September 2022)

I had a medical problem arise while on holidays in Texas and required an emergency hospital visit. The LS-Travel Company far exceeded my expectations. Everyone that my husband or I spoke with at LS-Travel was amazing and I deeply appreciate how efficient my claim was handled. I would highly recommend this company for your travel insurance needs and am truly grateful to all the helpful kindness that your team provided. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

L.S. / Calgary, AB (September 2022)

My wife was hospitalized and needed to be repatriated to Canada in an air-ambulance. You were there at all times during this ordeal and showed great sollicitude.

J.M. / Saint-Jérôme, QC (September 2022)

I wanted to say thank you again for all of Tour+Med’s help with my husband’s claim from earlier this year. It was greatly appreciated and definitely reaffirmed that we made the right decision working with Tour+Med for our travel insurance needs. We’ve been able to share our experience with everyone in our network and will continue to let everyone know about our positive experience.”

M.H. & E.H. / Kitchener, ON (July 2022)

On February 15, 2022, while vacationing in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), I had to go to the ER and subsequently received a pacemaker which I feel saved my life. I want to thank whoever I spoke with at Tour+Med, before going to the hospital, for her fast and efficient service. She was calm, articulate, and took my information very quickly which relieved some of the stress I was feeling at the time. Thank you again to Tour+Med and this employee.

L.K. / Richmond, ON (June 2022)

I would like to thank the staff at Tour+Med / LS-Travel for their prompt response to my emergency call. I had passed out from losing blood from my bleeding ulcers. Fortunately, I gained partial consciousness and called the emergency number (…) next think I knew I was in the hospital. (…) I would most definitely use your services again. As a matter of fact, I just recently purchased travel insurance for myself and my wife for our trip to Europe.

G.D. / Edmonton, AB (June 2022)

I am here to tell you that when serious medical assistance is required, Tour+Med will become your best friend away from home. They are your virtual lifeline at every turn. I was very impressed by the people we dealt with at Tour+Med. They were considerate, swift and precise with their recommendations.

C.R.W. & A.W. / Grimsby, ON (April 2022)

I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to Tour+Med Travel Insurance for the excellent service they provided while I was in the United States, as well as to their Assistance team who is compassionate and showed great courtesy. I recommended Tour+Med to friends and family in the past.

A.B. / Trois-Rivières, QC (April 2022)

We would like to add to these great comments. Quick service and we were taken care of right from the first call. Thank you to all your team. We only have positive things to say. It was reassuring. Our friends also noticed all the great service we got. Thank you.

L.A. & L.A. / QC (April 2022)

You have more than surpassed our expectations. (…) You have showed diligence and compassion. (…) You showed great humility, humanity and kindness, which are exceptional qualities. (…) We also wanted to let you know that the people who work with you, when we called Emergency Assistance, are doing extraordinary work. They listen, pay attention, help us, reassure us, and we feel like they are truly taking care of us. Congratulations and please forward our ‘thank you’ to them.

L.M. & S.L. / Venise-en-Québec, QC (February 2022)

My wife recently had the misfortune of having to spend a week in the hospital in Florida, with a serious enough medical complication. Our travel insurer, Tour+Med LS-Travel, were nothing short of fabulous with their services and assistance to her issues. From our first contact with them, these peopole took over and assisted us so very well. They were in constant contact with us during these trying times. We couldn’t have asked for any better! Furthermore… they paid the bill! High 5 to this company from Happy Campers.

B.B. & G.B. / Sudbury, ON (February 2022)

Unbelievable treatment. Kind, courteous, efficient. I felt they worked to give me the best possible outcome. Their rates are very competitive as well. Will definitely use them next year and recommend to my friends.

S.A. / Salt Spring Island, BC (February 2022)

I would like to say how pleased I am with the way that Tour+Med handled my claim. I broke my wrist in Florida and was taken care of by the insurance company from start to finish. I got my emergency care and then a follow-up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon the next day, and all of this was handled by the insurance company without me having to worry about anything. I even got follow up calls inquiring as to how I was. I will highly recommend Tour+Med to all of our friends.

R.B. / Richmond Hill, ON (January 2022)

I am very happy with Tour+Med and will recommend the company to my friends. Dealing with (employee from Claims Department) was like working with an angel!

M.D. / Kelowna, BC (January 2022)

Thank you for your prompt handling of my request. It's very nice to see something go through so smoothly!

L.O. / Nanaimo, BC (January 2022)

Last year, my wife fell and broke her wrist while on holiday in Arizona. You handled everything excellently from directing us to a high-quality hospital to handling all the paperwork. (…) I recommend you to all our friends and will continue to do so. Thank you. Your service is really appreciated.

S.B. & L.B. / Toronto (ON)

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Assistance médicale d'urgence en voyage

Une équipe bilingue disponible 24 / 7
de partout dans le monde!

E.U. et Canada :

1 844 820-6588

Ailleurs :

001 888 820-6588

Frais virés :

001 819 377-2241

Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
anywhere around the world!

E.U. and Canada:

1 844 820-6588


001 888 820-6588


001 819 377-2241