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Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
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We are very proud of our customer service and service provided after a claim. We not only try our best to support our clients and be empathetic during the difficult events surrounding a medical emergency, but also treat all claim requests with fairness. Here are testimonials we received from some of our insured clients.

Please share your story with us.

Following my claim in March 2021, your employee (from the claims departement) took charge of my file in a very professional way, and was remarkably dedicated. She was exceptionnaly efficient, knowledgeable, caring and honest. Tour+Med is lucky to have her in their team. When time will come to renew our insurance with Tour+Med, it will be partly because of this nice lady’s efficiency.

R.N. / Saint-Sauveur, QC (July 2021)

We purchased Tour+Med travel insurance to cover us for spending the winter at our home in Florida. We wanted Covid-19 coverage which our regular insurance company would only provide up to $200,000. We felt very comfortable going with the $5 million offered by Tour+Med. While in Florida my husband needed to go to the Emergency Room at the local hospital. I called Tour+Med ahead of time as specified in the policy. They were helpful and sympathetic. The next day they called to follow up and see how my husband was doing. I told them that he needed to see a specialist in a few days and was told that would be covered as well. I received several follow-up phone calls and always felt that his welfare was top-of-mind from the Tour+Med representative and that they were doing all that they could to smooth the way with the doctors that we were seeing – such as pre-authorizing payment to them. Subsequent to this experience, we decided to stay in Florida a month longer than originally planned. I called Tour+Med to see if they would extend our coverage (and felt a little concerned as we had made a claim). The extension was completed in less than 10 minutes and we enjoyed an extra month of sunshine. Thank you! Once we were home, we needed to submit a few charges that could not be direct-billed. We received a cheque promptly from Tour+Med and everything was paid in full. We simply cannot say enough good things about Tour+Med. They were a pleasure to deal with throughout our experience. We tell our friends and family, “Do not hesitate to buy travel insurance through this company. They are the BEST!”

A.C. & J.C. / Calgary, AB (June 2021)

I would like to send a warm thank you for having taken care of our request for a refund. (…) We were relieved to receive this final payment. (…) You took a lot of weight off of our shoulders, which we don’t need at this point. (…) You showed empathy and worked remarkably well. (We) truly appreciate your professionalism.

G.M. & S.E. / Laval, QC (May 2021)

I have to say I am so impressed with the service from Tour+Med over the years and want you to know I recommend your agency to all who ask…also put up a FB post today about the great service I have had from Tour+Med.

L.L. / Port Alberni (C-B) (April 2021)

I am back home in Red Deer, Alberta safe and sound. A great trip and accomplished all the needed tasks I had to do. I just wanted to thank you and the agent for helping me with coverage. I could not have / would not have gone without the coverage. I was most pleased with the service and prompt correspondence. Although things are getting slightly worse; I plan on going back to lock my place up in June. I may need help again then.

R.S. / Red Deer, AB (January 2021)

The customer service at Tour+Med is wonderful.

G.W. & L.W. / Wasaga Beach, ON (October 2020)

Thank you so much for responding to this matter so quickly. I can only say, that through the entire process of this claim, (…) I have been always treated with respect and kindness in my contacts with your company. Thank you for all your kindness.

L.W. & R.W. / Edmonton, AB (September 2020)

The Tour+Med emergency medical insurance was the best choice. We are extremely happy with your customer service.

G.W. & L.W. / Wasaga Beach, ON (June 2020)

Thanks for all the work you’ve done in the last month. My clients are very satisfied with how Tour+Med and the team have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis.

J.Z. / Thunder Bay, ON (April 2020)

Thank you once more for all that you have done. I only have good words for your team. We could feel your conscientiousness and diligence. I even talked about you to many of my friends that also travel. We look forward to dealing with your team again when the crisis will be over.

C.M. et B.M. / St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, QC (April 2020)

I just wanted to let you know that we are truly amazed and very satisfied with the speedy refund sent out on our travel insurance policy. I am sure that there have been a lot of inquiries with the covid situation, which resulted in a lot of people returning home early this year. Again, thank you very much for the excellent service. We hope to be in contact with you next year.

B.S. & J.S. / Thunder Bay, ON (April 2020)

We wish to commend (customer service agent) for being a true ambassador of Tour+Med. We come back every year to purchase medical and non-medical packages from TourMed directly because of the exceptional service she provides us. She is customer-focused, articulate in both English and French, patient and concise yet comprehensive in her explanations and has strong interpersonal skills. No question is too stupid for (her) and she answers all queries or concerns we may have. We strongly recommend her for a Service Excellence Award in recognition of her calm demeanor and strong commitment and dedication to customer service. Regards,

A.K.T.M & M.K.T.M / Mississauga, ON (April 2020)

I just had to write to say thank you for the excellent & prompt customer service and follow up I have been provided with. During these times of uncertainty your service has been much appreciated and as far as I am concerned second to none. Going forward I will most certainly recommend your services (not that it is needed I am sure) to our family and fellow travelers. Hopefully I will be back in touch with you in the fall for your services. Stay safe, stay healthy.

D.R. / Harrow, ON (April 2020)

We’ve taken our travel medical coverage with Tour+Med for a number of years now. We did have to take advantage of their coverage on one occasion and had a very positive experience with their handling of our claim. This year, we were in Florida when Covid 19 became a serious concern. We know that some insurers were restricting or cancelling coverages for people who were traveling or away for the winter. We continuously monitored Tour+Med’s website and were impressed that they did not waver with the coverage we purchased. They left the decision of “stay or go home” up to us. We ultimately did return home but we were very pleased that we didn’t have to worry about our medical coverages when considering our options. Tourmed is truly a great insurer showing concern and understanding for their customers. Thank you for introducing us to Tourmed.

D.T. & K.T. / Kingston, ON (April 2020)

Just a short note to thank you for your quick response. We appreciate the refund and you can be sure next year (we hope) you will be our choice for out-of-province medical insurance. Thank you again.

J.D.M. & L.W.M. / Minden, ON (March 2020)

Most impressive. The credit appeared on my account this afternoon. I was also impressed that you were prepared to cover us until the normal return date if we had elected to stay in the U.S. to that date. I would have no hesitation in using Tour+Med again. Such service is beyond expectations. Would recommend your company enthusiastically.

J.G. & S.G. / Thornhill ON (March 2020)

Tour+Med has been excellent as always in this very strange time. Please pass my thanks on to any in the team who are diligently doing all these tasks every day! Stay well!

S.R. / Wardner, BC (March 2020)

Last year my wife fell and broke her wrist whilst on holiday in Arizona. You handled everything excellently from directing us to a high-quality hospital to handling all the paperwork. This year we had to return early because of COVID-19 and although it was not on our mind upon return, you advised us a refund may be in order, processed it and deposited in our bank account. I recommend you to all our friends and will continue to do. Thank You. Your service is really appreciated.

S.B. & L.B. / Toronto, ON (March 2020)

Wow, what great service! We will definitely spread the word about your service. Thank you so much.

A.B. & J.A.B. / Guelph ON (March 2020)

Hello. Just a quick email to give you a score of 100% for your replies to clients and to our requests for early return refunds!!! Good job to all of your team!!!

L.L. / Quebec City, QC (March 2020)

In February 2020, we purchased insurance for a 42 day trip to Texas. The process when we applied was very easy. With minimal questions, it was much easier than some other companies we had checked with who provide coverage for higher risk individuals. We have heard examples of terrible situations where individuals thought they were answering questions honestly, only to find out when they had a claim that it was being denied. Unfortunately, mid-way through our vacation, the pandemic became a horrible reality. We were hearing from other Canadian travellers that their insurance carrier was cancelling coverage for any emergency medical expenses related to the Corona Virus. I was able to get through very quickly by telephone to a Tour Med customer service representative who put my mind at ease and confirmed that Tour Med was not denying or removing coverage and would honour the terms of their policy we purchased. Tour Med continued to impress us with their outstanding customer service when we decided to return early from our vacation to avoid the potential risk of contracting the virus while away from home. When we returned, there was an email waiting for us advising that we may qualify for a premium refund for any unused portion of our premium. They went a step further by including links to apply for a refund and additionally, would not require supporting receipts or documentation although we had that and included it in our request. Within 2 business days of submitting our request, we received confirmation that our refund was being processed and a credit was being processed and actually, that same day a credit was on our credit card. Wow! You can’t get better customer service than that. Tour Med, thank you for the outstanding customer service you have provided at what has been a difficult and challenging time. Signed, A very happy and satisfied customer

D.F & J.F. / Port Dover, ON (March 2020)

Yesterday I sent a request for a refund on my medical insurance. Today I received it. Thank you so much for your speedy reply (…). We were so afraid when we heard that the border would be closing that we packed up, left and hot-footed it back home. (…) If we dare go south again, there is no doubt that I will use your company to get the insurance I need. Again, thank you so much.

J.R. / Clarksburg, ON (March 2020)

Thank you for your service and prompt reply…very professional!

E.P. & P.A.N / Candiac, QC (March 2020)