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Why travel medical insurance?

Many Canadians are under the impression that they don’t need travel medical insurance because they are covered by their Government Health Insurance Plan. This is completely false! When travelling outside of your province of residence, coverage offered by your Government health insurance is very limited and provides a partial protection (less than 5% of total costs). If you get sick or injured, you become responsible for exceeding medical costs… unless you purchased travel medical insurance.

Advice from our experts: Considering the fact that hospital bills and costs for various medical and paramedical services can reach thousands of dollars per day, it is necessary to purchase travel medical insurance, no matter where you are heading.

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Don’t forget to protect your baggage and non-refundable deposits

As the name suggests, travel medical insurance covers costs and expenses pertaining to a medical emergency happening while on a trip.

But what will become of your non-refundable deposits if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip? The sudden death of a family member, pregnancy, or involuntarily losing your job are only a few of the reasons that could alter your plans. To protect deposits given on an upcoming trip, and not lose everything, Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance is what you need.

And to avoid having to wear the gift shop’s ugly t-shirt all week if you find out that your luggage had a different destination in mind, you need to purchase insurance that will cover the loss, theft, delay or damage to your baggage and personal effects.

With these optional protections in your back pocket, missing a correspondence or having to cancel your trip won’t feel as awful as it sounds.

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Assistance médicale d'urgence en voyage

Une équipe bilingue disponible 24 / 7
de partout dans le monde!

E.U. et Canada :

1 844 820-6588

Ailleurs :

001 888 820-6588

Frais virés :

001 819 377-2241

Emergency medical assistance

A bilingual team available 24 / 7,
anywhere around the world!

E.U. and Canada:

1 844 820-6588


001 888 820-6588


001 819 377-2241