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5 golden rules of the insured client

No matter the type of insurance, buying a policy can be compared to making an agreement with an insurer that they will cover you in the event of a claim.

But how about looking at it as a contract between two individuals instead? To be covered, both parties need to be aware of the limits of the contract. Insurance policies present eligibility conditions, exclusions, and restrictions: it is your responsibility to look at them before a claim arises.

To enjoy complete peace of mind while travelling, read the 5 golden rules of the insured client before leaving:

  1. Review your confirmation
  2. Read the policy
  3. Let the insurer know if your health changes prior to the effective date of your policy
  4. Call emergency assistance
  5. Consult relevant websites

1. Review your confirmation carefully

You should review your Travel Insurance Confirmation upon receipt, especially your medical declaration, if applicable. Make sure that all information is exact and complete. If anything is missing or incorrect, contact your representative immediately to get it modified. Keep in mind that, in the event of a claim, the insurer could ask to see your medical report to confirm if the disclosed information reflects your medical report accurately.

2. Read the policy

This document contains all of the details and important information relating to benefits, exclusions, eligibility, medical stability, etc. For your own good and to make sure that your protection will cover what you wish to cover, it is your responsibility to read and understand your policy. Don’t hesitate to speak with your representative before leaving on your trip if you have any questions.

3. Let the insurer know if your health changes prior to the effective date of your policy

Since your Tour+Med medical protection can be purchased up to 6 months prior to your scheduled departure date, your medical conditions or health could change between the day you purchase your policy and its effective date. If this is the case, it is your responsibility to let the insurer (or one of its representatives) know. This could affect your protection!Whether it’s a new medical condition, a change in medication or dosage, a new treatment, or any change to your health status, the insurer must be informed prior to the effective date of your policy, even if it is after the departure date.

4. Call Emergency Assistance

Before you access the appropriate health services, you must obtain an authorisation from the emergency assistance team. Our professional services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or in French, from anywhere in the world. Should you fail to immediately contact Emergency Assistance, your benefits and coverage may be limited. The Insurer reserves the right to reduce the reimbursement of services to 70% of eligible expenses, to a maximum of CAN $25,000. (You don’t want this!)

5. Consult relevant websites

Before traveling, be responsible and consult the Government of Canada Travel Health Notices. These notices will inform you of your destination’s risks and safety measures, or if vaccines are recommended. We also suggest you to take a look at the following sites:

Provincial Government Health Insurance Plans

For detailed information regarding coverage provided by your government health insurance plan when you are outside of your province of residence, visit the following websites:

Provincial Government – Other websites

For useful information when planning a trip, such as country profiles, global issues and warnings, laws and regulations, or registration while traveling abroad, you may want to check out the following sites:

Other useful links

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