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Should I get medical travel insurance for a trip within Canada?

Each province’s Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) is unique. It therefore doesn’t cover all expenses associated with claims for travelers from other provinces. This is where the insurer’s help comes in handy. Travel insurance companies offer a complement to the public health insurance in place. They are policyholders’ financial support for unforeseen medical emergencies.

Although certain treatments are fully covered country-wide for the sake of standardization of rates, several services may not be reimbursable, such as ambulance transport, dental treatments, etc. For the most part, health services provided by a health professional will be available for reimbursement, but only up to the rates in effect in the patient’s province of residence.

For instance, if a patient consults a doctor while out of his province of residence and the consultation fee is $250 CAN, while the same service costs $150 CAN in his province of residence, the patient becomes responsible for the $100 difference. We’re using small amounts for the purpose of this article; most of the time, the fees are more important.

All in all, the insurer fills in the financial inadequacy. With inflation and the high cost of living, it is even more important to be covered by an emergency medical insurance policy when traveling outside your province of residence. It reduces the chances of having surprise fees!

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